Lepton, Huddersfield

The development sites at Lepton form part of Kirkless Council’s housing allocation. The existing settlement of Lepton sits to the South-East of Huddersfield, and the two sites combined have a combined indicative capacity of 598 dwellings.

We worked with our Client and a larger design team to develop a Masterplan Document for the combined HS2 and HS3 sites, together with a more in depth outline scheme for the early phases of HS2. The masterplan document includes a Design Code, breaking the wider site down into a series of Character Areas to develop a unique sense of place.

The proposed housing is set within an extensive network of interconnected green spaces which will connect the homes with the rest of Lepton, and the surrounding landscape features such as Lepton Great Wood.

The planning application was approved at Kirklees Strategic Planning Committee in December 2022.

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Lepton, Huddersfield

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