We would like to share our experiences with you. We will gather together our thoughts and learnings on design and construction, together with updates on our latest projects and other activities.


Awards, News and Publications

Carve Architecture are an award wining Architects Practice. We also occassionally have magazine and newspaper articles written about us and our projects. This page collates these...

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Green roof & Materials & Construction

Living Roofs: A Guide to Green Roofs and Their Benefits

Green roofs are an increasingly popular roofing finish, as they can transform a plain roof into a thriving garden and offer numerous benefits for both the...

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Conservation area, Home Improvement Toolkit, Listed Buildings & Planning

Heritage Buildings- Things to Consider

We are lucky to be based in two cities with rich architectural heritages, in Newcastle and York. As such, we regularly work with historic buildings, and...

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Home Improvement Toolkit, Legislation/Legal & Planning

Do you need Planning Permission?

There are many ways to renovate or extend your home without the need for Planning Permission. This is called Permitted Development...

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Home Improvement Toolkit & Legislation/Legal

Do I Need An Architect?

So you’ve decided you want a new extension, but where to start? The big question we often get asked at an early stage is “Do I need an Architect?"...

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Financial Matters & Home Improvement Toolkit

Cost of Domestic Extensions

One subject that comes up on every project is, of course, cost. We all only have a certain amount of money, and want a clear idea of how far our budget can go...

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