Burton Stone Lane

This property is an early 20th century 4-bed semi-detached property that recently had a loft conversion and extensions added. The client’s brief was to reconfigure the layout to create: a more spacious family, kitchen and dining area; along with the addition of a utility and downstairs toilet.

The design solution consisted of constructing a single-story extension to both the rear and side of the property, along with reorganizing the ground floor plan to establish an open-plan layout suited to the client’s modern lifestyle. A side extension was also incorporated to house the utility room and downstairs bathroom originally missing in the home whilst also introducing a side entrance to the property improving the overall function of the space.

The rear extension significantly improves the quality of the space, framing views to the garden with large glazed doors and windows. A limited palette of interior finishes also help to direct focus to these features, enhancing the overall spatial experience.

The extension continues to then exaggerate these spaces through three stepped protruding forms. The first large exterior protrusion contains the kitchen and sitting space, the next set in from this is the dining space and the one set back further again houses the downstairs bathroom and utility. Similar to the interior design, each of these separate elements is highlighted by a carefully curated material palette. The largest of these forms consists of a similar brick to the existing context whilst the next two forms are finished in a vertical timber cladding. Each of these materials also has hard wearing characteristics and so will be long lasting with minimal maintenance.

In total, the extensions and reorganization of the space introduce a well thought through design that carefully maintains a dialogue with the existing context.

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