Dickenson Road

This scheme occupies a vacant corner plot on a busy main road in Rusholme, South Manchester. The proposals are for 2 family houses as a semi-detached block, giving the adjacent buildings elbow room. Key design aims were to create a new dwelling which comfortably held the corner, relating to both fronting streets, whilst also respecting the surrounding dwellings. The proposals reflect the adjacent homes with regards to height and massing, also taking a lead from the materials in the area, a smooth red brick.

The concept was to use these materials in a more contemporary way, with large glazed openings, and relief brick bands. One key design element is the use of a contemporary ‘bay’ which not only recognises the use of bay windows on nearby houses, but also allows a wrap-around element to turn the corner.

New build housing & Residential

Development of 2 Family Homes


Rusholme, Manchester

Services Undertaken

Up to Planning Stage

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